Various Positions at Aligned Automation Pvt Ltd

Various Positions at Aligned Automation Pvt Ltd
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  1. Python + SQL Developer (5 to 7 years)
  2. Power BI + SQL Developer (3 to 6 years)
  3. UI Developer – Angular/ReactJS + NodeJs (6 to 8 years)
  4. QA – Data (5 to 7 years)
  5. RPA Developer – UI Path (5 to 7 years)
  6. Azure DevOps Engineer (6+ years)

Location: Pune, Bangalore, Indore.

Aligned Automation Pvt Ltd is a leading technology company specializing in automation solutions. With offices in Pune, Bangalore, and a new team being established in Indore, we are seeking talented professionals to join our growing organization.

Position 1: Python + SQL Developer


  • Develop, test, and maintain high-quality Python code for various software applications and solutions.
  • Design and implement database solutions using SQL to ensure efficient data storage and retrieval.
  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to understand requirements and provide technical solutions.
  • Perform code reviews, debug and troubleshoot issues, and optimize application performance.
  • Stay updated with industry trends and best practices in Python and SQL development.


  • 5 to 7 years of experience in Python development, with a strong understanding of object-oriented programming.
  • Proficiency in SQL for database design and management.
  • Solid understanding of data structures, algorithms, and software design principles.
  • Experience with frameworks such as Django or Flask is desirable.
  • Familiarity with version control systems (e.g., Git) and agile development methodologies.
  • Good problem-solving and communication skills.

Position 2: Power BI + SQL Developer


  • Design, develop, and maintain interactive Power BI dashboards and reports.
  • Extract and transform data from various sources using SQL queries.
  • Collaborate with stakeholders to understand reporting requirements and deliver actionable insights.
  • Ensure data accuracy, reliability, and integrity in the visualization and reporting process.
  • Optimize queries and data models for improved performance.


  • 3 to 6 years of experience in Power BI development and SQL programming.
  • Proficiency in SQL for data extraction, transformation, and analysis.
  • Strong knowledge of Power BI Desktop, Power Query, DAX, and data modeling.
  • Experience in creating complex Power BI dashboards with interactive visualizations.
  • Familiarity with database concepts and data warehousing.
  • Excellent analytical and problem-solving abilities.

Position 3: UI Developer – Angular/ReactJS + NodeJs


  • Develop responsive web applications using Angular/ReactJS and NodeJs.
  • Collaborate with designers and back-end developers to implement user interfaces.
  • Ensure the technical feasibility of UI/UX designs and optimize application performance.
  • Conduct code reviews, unit testing, and debugging to deliver high-quality code.
  • Stay updated with the latest UI development trends and best practices.


  • 6 to 8 years of experience in UI development using Angular/ReactJS and NodeJs.
  • Proficiency in front-end technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • Strong understanding of JavaScript frameworks/libraries (Angular, ReactJS) and NodeJs.
  • Experience with RESTful APIs and asynchronous request handling.
  • Familiarity with version control systems and agile development methodologies.
  • Good collaboration and communication skills.

Position 4: QA – Data


  • Develop and execute test plans, test cases, and test scripts for data validation and quality assurance.
  • Perform data analysis to identify and report anomalies, defects, and data quality issues.
  • Collaborate with the development team to troubleshoot and resolve data-related issues.
  • Create and maintain test documentation, including test scenarios, scripts, and defect reports.
  • Participate in agile ceremonies and provide input on test strategies and quality improvement initiatives.


  • 5 to 7 years of experience in data quality assurance or data testing.
  • Strong understanding of data validation and data quality concepts.
  • Proficiency in SQL for data querying and analysis.
  • Experience with ETL processes and data warehousing.
  • Familiarity with testing tools and methodologies.
  • Excellent attention to detail and analytical skills.

Position 5: RPA Developer – UI Path


  • Develop, configure, and implement RPA solutions using UI Path.
  • Collaborate with stakeholders to understand business requirements and design automation workflows.
  • Conduct feasibility studies and provide recommendations for process automation.
  • Debug and troubleshoot issues in RPA workflows and implement necessary fixes.
  • Ensure adherence to RPA development best practices and standards.


  • 5 to 7 years of experience in RPA development using UI Path.
  • Strong knowledge of UI Path Studio, Orchestrator, and RE Framework.
  • Experience in developing automation workflows, bots, and integrating with external systems.
  • Understanding of RPA concepts, including process assessment, automation opportunity identification, and solution design.
  • Good problem-solving and communication skills.

Position 6: Azure DevOps Engineer


  • Design, deploy, and maintain Azure DevOps solutions to support the software development life cycle.
  • Implement CI/CD pipelines for build, test, and deployment automation.
  • Collaborate with development teams to optimize code deployments and release management processes.
  • Monitor and troubleshoot Azure DevOps environments to ensure availability and performance.
  • Stay updated with Azure DevOps best practices and emerging technologies.


  • Minimum of 6 years of experience in Azure DevOps or similar DevOps roles.
  • Strong knowledge of Azure services, including Azure Pipelines, Azure Repos, and Azure Artifacts.
  • Proficiency in scripting languages (e.g., PowerShell, Bash) for automation tasks.
  • Familiarity with containerization technologies (Docker, Kubernetes) and infrastructure-as-code tools (Terraform, ARM templates).
  • Experience in CI/CD implementation, code branching strategies, and release management.
  • Excellent problem-solving and communication skills.

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To apply for any of the above positions, please email your resume to Please mention the position you are applying for in the subject line of the email.

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