Manual Tester | Chennai | 2-3 Years

Manual Tester | Chennai | 2-3 Years

Job Description:

As a Manual Tester at Entune Technology Solutions, you will be responsible for ensuring the quality and reliability of our software products through meticulous manual testing. You will work closely with cross-functional teams to identify and resolve defects, contributing to the overall success of our projects.

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Test Planning and Execution:
    • Develop and execute detailed test plans and test cases to ensure the quality of our software products.
    • Perform thorough manual testing to identify and log defects.
  2. Domain Expertise:
    • Utilize your experience in the automobile or banking domain to conduct relevant and effective testing.
    • Apply domain-specific knowledge to validate system functionalities and performance.
  3. Defect Management:
    • Report and track defects using defect tracking tools.
    • Collaborate with the development team to reproduce, resolve, and verify defect fixes.
  4. Collaboration:
    • Work closely with cross-functional teams, including developers, business analysts, and project managers, to understand requirements and deliver high-quality software.
    • Participate in project meetings and provide updates on testing status and results.
  5. Quality Assurance:
    • Ensure that the software meets quality standards and user requirements.
    • Conduct regression testing to ensure resolved issues do not affect other areas of the application.

Qualifications and Skills:

  • Experience:
    • Minimum 2 to 3 years of experience in manual testing.
    • Experience in the automobile or banking domain is mandatory.
  • Technical Proficiency:
    • Strong knowledge of software testing principles, methodologies, and best practices.
    • Familiarity with defect tracking systems.
  • Analytical Skills:
    • Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills with a keen eye for detail.
    • Ability to think critically and creatively to identify potential issues and provide effective solutions.
  • Communication Skills:
    • Good communication skills for reporting defects and collaborating with cross-functional teams.
    • Strong written communication skills for documenting test plans, cases, and reports.
  • Team Player:
    • A collaborative mindset with the ability to work effectively in a team-oriented environment.
    • Ability to work independently and manage time effectively to meet project deadlines.

How to Apply:

Interested candidates are invited to share their resumes with us. Please send your resume to

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