Appium Testing Engineer At MoxieIT | 4+ years

Appium Testing Engineer At MoxieIT | 4+ years
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Position: Appium Testing Engineer Work

Location: Gurgaon/Pune (Work From Office)

Roles and Responsibilities:

As an Appium Testing Engineer, your key responsibilities will include:

  1. Develop and Maintain Automated Test Scripts:
    • Utilize your expertise in Appium to develop and maintain automated test scripts for mobile applications.
    • Ensure the scripts are robust, efficient, and cover all relevant test scenarios.
    • Continuously enhance and optimize the test scripts for improved reliability and maintainability.
  2. Collaboration with DD QA Test Team:
    • Collaborate with the DD QA Test team to understand application features, requirements, and customer journeys.
    • Work closely with DD QA Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) for each customer journey.
    • Get the automated scripts reviewed and approved by the SMEs and Journey Delivery Leads.
  3. Script Handover and Documentation:
    • Complete the handover of automated scripts to the DD QA SMEs for each customer journey.
    • Ensure proper documentation of the scripts, including clear instructions and test data.
  4. Test Case Design and Execution:
    • Design and execute test cases to validate application functionality, performance, and stability.
    • Identify and report defects or inconsistencies in the application behavior.
    • Ensure comprehensive test coverage for all identified test scenarios.
  5. SQL Query Writing and Data Validation:
    • Write and optimize SQL queries to interact with databases and validate data integrity.
    • Use SQL queries to retrieve and verify data for testing purposes.
    • Ensure the accuracy and reliability of data validations.
  6. Cross-functional Collaboration:
    • Work closely with cross-functional teams, including developers, business analysts, and product owners.
    • Collaborate effectively to ensure clear communication, issue resolution, and timely delivery of high-quality software.
  7. Industry Trends and Continuous Improvement:
    • Stay up to date with the latest industry trends, tools, and techniques related to mobile app automation and quality assurance.
    • Share knowledge and best practices with the team.
    • Participate in the continuous improvement of the testing process and contribute to the development of best practices.
  8. Regression Testing:
    • Perform regression testing to ensure the stability of existing features after code changes or updates.
    • Validate that new changes or updates do not negatively impact the existing functionality.
  9. Test Automation Framework Enhancement:
    • Collaborate with other automation engineers to enhance the overall test automation framework and infrastructure.
    • Continuously improve the efficiency, reliability, and scalability of the automation framework.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or a related field.
  • Minimum of 4+ years of work experience in Appium testing.
  • Strong experience in developing and maintaining automated test scripts for mobile applications using Appium.
  • Proficiency in designing and executing test cases to validate application functionality, performance, and stability.
  • Solid knowledge of SQL queries and data validation techniques.
  • Excellent collaboration and communication skills to work effectively with cross-functional teams.
  • Strong problem-solving and analytical abilities.
  • Proactive and self-motivated, with the ability to work independently and take ownership of tasks.
  • Familiarity with regression testing and test automation frameworks.
  • Passion for staying updated with industry trends and advancements in mobile app automation and quality assurance.

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