Database Testing Engineer at TCS

Database Testing Engineer at TCS
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Position: Database Testing Engineer

Location: Bangalore , Pune , Hyderabad.


  1. Proficient in writing complex DB queries using joins:
    • Develop and execute SQL queries to retrieve and manipulate data from databases.
    • Write complex queries involving joins, subqueries, and aggregate functions to validate data integrity and accuracy.
    • Ensure optimal query performance and efficiency.
  2. Strong knowledge of PL/SQL:
    • Utilize PL/SQL to create stored procedures, functions, triggers, and packages for database testing.
    • Develop and maintain database scripts to simulate real-world scenarios and test various functionalities.
    • Debug and troubleshoot PL/SQL code to identify and resolve issues.
  3. Well versed with Testing Concepts:
    • Understand and apply testing methodologies, principles, and best practices to ensure the quality and reliability of database systems.
    • Collaborate with the testing team to define testing strategies, test scenarios, and test cases specific to database testing.
    • Participate in test case reviews and provide valuable feedback to improve the overall testing process.
  4. Experience in writing Test cases and Test Plan:
    • Create comprehensive test cases and test plans for various database testing scenarios.
    • Define test objectives, test data, and expected results to ensure thorough test coverage.
    • Execute test cases, document test results, and track defects in a systematic manner.
  5. Expert in defect management tools such as JIRA/ALM:
    • Utilize defect management tools like JIRA or ALM to log, track, and manage defects throughout the testing lifecycle.
    • Collaborate with cross-functional teams, including developers and business analysts, to resolve identified defects efficiently.
    • Generate defect reports and provide regular updates on defect status to relevant stakeholders.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • 15 years of full-time education (as per the Indian education system).
  • Minimum percentile of 50% in 10th, 12th, UG, and PG (if applicable).

Additional Requirements:

  • Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal.
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving abilities.
  • Ability to work independently and in a team-oriented environment.
  • Attention to detail and commitment to quality.

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