Test Engineer at Xornor Technologies

Test Engineer at Xornor Technologies
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Position: Test Engineer
Location: Mohali

Xornor Technologies, a dynamic and growing technology company, is seeking a Test Engineer to join our team in Mohali. As a Test Engineer, you will play a crucial role in ensuring the quality and reliability of our software products. If you have 0-2 years of experience in either manual or automation testing, possess basic knowledge of automated tools like Selenium, and have familiarity with API testing, we invite you to apply for this exciting opportunity.


Review Software Requirements: Collaborate with the development team to review software requirements, ensuring a clear understanding of the expected functionalities and testing needs.
Prepare Test Cases: Based on the reviewed requirements, develop comprehensive test cases that cover various scenarios, ensuring adequate test coverage.
Execution of Tests: Execute manual and automated tests based on the prepared test cases to validate the functionality, performance, and usability of our software products.
Reporting of Defects: Identify and report software defects and issues in a timely manner, following established defect reporting processes. Clearly document defects with detailed steps to reproduce and relevant information for the development team.
API Testing: Conduct API testing to ensure the smooth interaction and integration between different software components. Validate data exchange and system responses through various API calls.
Test Automation: Utilize basic knowledge of automated testing tools like Selenium to develop and execute automated test scripts, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of the testing process.
Test Reports: Prepare comprehensive test reports summarizing test results, including test execution details, defects identified, and any additional observations or recommendations.
Collaborate with Teams: Work closely with the development team, business analysts, and other stakeholders to ensure effective communication and collaboration throughout the testing process.
Continuous Improvement: Contribute to the continuous improvement of testing processes, methodologies, and tools. Share ideas and insights for enhancing the quality assurance practices within the organization.
Learning and Development: Stay updated with the latest industry trends, emerging technologies, and best practices in software testing. Proactively seek opportunities for professional development to enhance your skills and knowledge in the field.


  • Education: Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or a related field.
  • Experience: 0-2 years of experience in software testing, preferably in manual or automation testing.
  • Basic Knowledge of Automated Tools: Familiarity with automated testing tools like Selenium, including basic scripting and test automation concepts.
  • API Testing: Understanding of API testing concepts, ability to work with API documentation, and perform API testing using tools like Postman or SOAPUI.
  • Software Testing Fundamentals: Good knowledge of software testing concepts, methodologies, and best practices.
  • Analytical Skills: Strong analytical and problem-solving skills to identify, isolate, and report defects effectively.
  • Attention to Detail: Meticulous attention to detail to ensure accurate test coverage and reporting.
  • Communication Skills: Excellent written and verbal communication skills to effectively communicate with team members and stakeholders.
  • Team Player: Ability to work collaboratively in a team-oriented environment, actively participating in discussions and contributing to the overall success of the team.
  • Proactive and Self-Motivated: Self-driven and proactive in seeking solutions, learning new technologies, and taking initiatives to improve processes and efficiency.
  • At Xornor Technologies, we offer a competitive compensation package and a supportive work environment that encourages personal and professional growth. Join our team and contribute to delivering high-quality software solutions to our clients.

To apply for this position, please email your updated resume to hr@xornor.co. Kindly mention the position title “Test Engineer”.

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