Test Engineer LMTS/PMTS | Salesforce | Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Test Engineer LMTS/PMTS | Salesforce | Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
Software Testing Jobs In India

Position: Test Engineer LMTS/PMTS

Location: Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

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Job Description

Qualification and Skills

  • Test Gap Analysis & Coverage: Experience analyzing coverage gaps and writing E2E and integration tests, partnering with teams to drive service level test coverage
  • Technical Expertise: Technical excellence and leadership required to learn a new platform and drive end to end test strategy for it, partnering with Quality Engineering team, Hawking scrum teams and customer cloud Q3s to implement.
  • Cross Team Collaboration: Ability to work with stakeholders (internal customers) from multiple organizations that leverage our central platform for custom applications. Collaborate with them to determine key shared usage patterns to prioritize test coverage of, as well as provide guidance to these customers on how to proactively test their application’s integration with the platform.
  • Experience with Java/Python
  • Experience with test runners and configuration
  • Extensive experience debugging systems
    Understanding of LLM Model hosting with Sagemaker
  • Understanding LLM Finetuning and Inferencing
  • Testing integrations with Cohere, Anthropic, Dolly, Google, etc. as well as internal models
  • Sagemaker GroundTruth integration for data labeling, Bedrock for model serving
  • Experience with Azure Open AI
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What The Team Does

  • Daily management of FIT tests pass rates in Test, App-Dev, Stage & Prod environments – bugs created/assigned if failures not being addressed, building test result dashboards and simplifying feedback/debugging process for engineers
  • Integration testing for hawking, generative AI flows
  • Building/enhancing test frameworks for Hawking platform
  • CUJs (Critical User Journey test) for cross-cloud integration and apps
  • Configure tooling/runners for FIT tests, used by scrum teams
  • Configure various test environments such as setting up core test env ↔ hawking test env connectivity
  • Manage test coverage (code coverage, endpoint coverage, service coverage, etc.) goals are met for the ML foundations
  • Automation strategies and framework for certain end-to-end scenarios
  • Identify risks with releases, deployments, etc.

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