Software Testing Engineer (QA Analyst)

Company: FloBiz
Position: Test Engineer
Experience: 2 - 6 Years
Work Location: BANGALORE
Software Testing
Software Testing


  • E2E automation: experience with Java + selenium or any other wrapper written around selenium(e.g.: protractor) or webdriver I/O, or puppeteer or playwright or cypress or any similar framework
  • 2 + Years of API automation: some form of API automation done either through scripts written in any form or language or any frameworks used for it (ReadyAPI, RestAssured, Postman Runner)
  • Load /Performance testing: performance testing of APIs using any framework e.g.: Jmeter, K6 etc
  • Manual testing: Ample experience with manual testing, should be able to ideate test cases, should be available to perform manual testing as well.
  • SQL skills: should have knowledge of basic SQL queries, joins and aggregate functions
  • API knowledge: knowledge about response codes, HTTP methods, client server architecture
  • Candidate should have at least one of 1,2, and 3

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