Software Engineering Specialist | BT Group | Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Software Engineering Specialist | BT Group | Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
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Position: Software Engineering Specialist

Location: Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Company Description

BT is part of BT Group, along with EE, Openreach, and Plusnet.

Millions of people rely on us every day to help them live their lives, power their businesses, and keep their public services running. We connect friends to family, clients to colleagues, people to possibilities. We keep the wheels of business spinning, and the emergency services responding.

We value diversity and celebrate difference. As Philip Jansen, our CEO, says ‘We embed diversity and inclusion into everything that we do. It’s fundamental to our purpose: we connect for good.’

We all stick to the same values: Personal, Simple, and Brilliant. From day one, you’ll get stuck in to tough challenges, pitch in with ideas, make things happen. But you won’t be alone: we’ll be there with help and support, learning and development.

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Job Description

  • Writing high performance, well tested client service code that will be used by customers.
  • Architecting and design call node which handles complex call flows
  • SLEE knowledge and in depth SIP protocol knowledge
  • Architecting key solutions in platform design
  • Component design with Client framework
  • Ensure design is implemented as per specifications
  • Validate and review the code artifacts produced by all team members
  • Coach and mentor all the team members with respect problem solving, debugging field issues, and complex system issues
  • Removing communication barrier between team and create a friendly and open environment for everybody in the team to contribute and come up with new ideas
  • Documenting what’s been done, not because it ticks a box, but because it’s useful.
  • Spreading your experience and knowledge to junior developers.
  • Delivering a coherent backend, providing services that our customers use – including internal portals and other clients.
  • Wanting to learn new things and keen to bring the team on board with new ideas.

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Qualification and Skills

  • In depth knowledge of Java and evidence of exposure to other languages, extensions and paradigms
  • Working Knowledge on Spring Boot Framework
  • React or equivalent framework
  • Knowledge of Docker, Consul, Prometheus and why we’d want to use them.
  • Knowledge of MySQL – data stores in general, when to use RDBMS over NOSQL etc.
  • Jira
  • Agile Development using Scrum
  • Strong SIP and service development experience on windows and Linux OS.
  • working knowledge of designing SIP call flows
  • Strong Java and SLEE working knowledge
  • working experience of built real time voice service clients.
  • Familiarity with build tools such as Maven or Gradle
  • working knowledge of CI/CD pipeline and source control tools like SVN/Git
  • Working knowledge of HTTP Protocol.
  • Experience building REST APIs.
  • Comfortable with Linux command line and writing shell scripts.
  • A shared belief in leaving code in a better state than you found it in.
  • Knowledge on Microsoft Azure
  • Scripting knowledge for Automation, wherever necessary
  • Embedded Windows programming, Socket programming, REST API, windows Os internals
  • working experience of network diagnostics tools like wireshark.

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