Senior Software Engineer | A.P. Moller – Maersk | Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Senior Software Engineer | A.P. Moller – Maersk | Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
Software Testing Jobs In India

Position: Senior Software Engineer

Location: Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

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Job Description

Qualification and Skills

  • You will have an innovative, can-do attitude, you explore and leverage the best of what is out there
  • Good experience with DevSecOps
  • A self-starter with the ability to work effectively in teams focused on Engineering.
  • Excellent spoken/written communication in English
  • Engineering degree in Computer Science or similar field or equivalent experience
  • Solid Development and SecDevOps experience working with large private or public clouds
  • Significant experience of using Open-Source technologies
  • Experience with messaging technologies such as Kafka, Azure EventHub, IBM MQ, Rabbit MQ etc.
  • RESTful API’s, PostgreSQL, ArgoCD, Prometheus, Grafana, CEPH, Thanos – you thrive with the technologies of a cloud-native world
  • Java and Sprint Boot Microservices
  • You are practiced in Agile, TDD, BDD methodologies and can work within and advise scrum teams
  • You take pride in what you develop and factor non-functional requirements as essential capabilities of your DNA into your designs including High Availability, Geographic Redundancy, Disaster Recovery. But should there be incidents, you support and resolve and learn and establish safeguards to ensure it does not happen againUsing enterprise scale patterns:
  • 12-factor applications, eventual consistency, multi-region etc.
  • A secure by design attitude – from TLS certificates, OAuth to industry CIS standards – you know how to engineer in security from the start, and then stay secure
  • You can advise and accept advice from other engineers on best practices within a cloud-native world
  • Experience building automation to operate large-scale data systems
  • Experience with Continuous Integration and Deployment (Jenkins, Travis, CircleCI, Drone, Azure DevOps, GitHub Actions or equivalent).
  • Experience with monitoring, APM, logging and alerting products like Prometheus, ELK, Grafana, Datadog, Azure Monitor or equivalent
  • GitOps Desired State Methodologies (you are happy working with yaml files and GitOps tooling)
  • Experience working in Microsoft Azure, IBM Public Cloud and Google Cloud
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  • Design, build, test, maintain and enhance the Event Streaming Platform product in Maersk with 100% automation
  • Drive performance, scalability, security, and reliability through continuous deployment, monitoring, logging, alerting and automation in the entire lifecycle of the platform product (inception, design, through development and operationalization)
  • Drive and support our transformation to become a world class technology organisation
  • Operate the platform by defining metrics to quantify the health of the platform and its consumers.
  • Take part in on-call rotations with the platform consumers (product development teams) and take the lead in preventing incidents and maintaining platform SLAs, through automation and blameless postmortems.
  • Working directly with the Product Owner to build new features and take active part in contributing to Product Roadmap.
  • Although the focus will be on ‘eventing’ the engineer will be working to support API development using Java and Spring Boot Microservices
  • Keep up with the cutting edge in relevant technologies, and drive implementation of new solutions.
  • Document & evangelize the platform across other teams within Maersk
  • Help our platform consumers to use our platform to integrate applications and get quickly and securely into production with fast, agile iterations.
  • Working to research and develop new products, solutions and implement new technologies with a fail fast approach showing creative, passion and desire to change things for the better

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