Client Visit Expert | Capgemini Careers

Client Visit Expert | Capgemini Careers

Client Visit Expert | 0.6 to 2 years | Pune

Job Description

  • Building the Client Visit Experience
  • Client visits are an integral part of the sale/bid cycle where the client comes to see not only the capabilities we are pitching for but also to explore other areas where we can work with them. Over the past few years, there has been a surge in the customer visits to Capgemini offices all over.
  • The visit objectives range from understanding our offshore capabilities and delivery model to exploring new and upcoming technologies and business models. The Client Visit Experience (CVE) team was formed with an objective to meet this demand, effectively manage visits and to provide a world-class business experience to all clients visiting our facilities in India.
  • The CVE team comprises specialists in three areas: Logistics, Branding, and Content and they seamlessly manage and drive the visit process to perfection, through an industrialized visit engagement model, wherein there is no compromise made on quality.
  • The Customer Visit Experience (CVE) team has three clear goals:
  • Providing world class and standardised ‘Client Visit Experience’ to all clients across GDC’s
  • Taking ownership of the planning and execution of visit(s) from the account team(s), so that they remain focused on the core objective of the visit.
  • Constantly improving/improvising on the Logistics, Branding and Content of the visits.

Primary Skills

We are seeking candidates who can demonstrate experience or aptitude of 3 or more of the following with Guest Relations as one of the core skills:

General Management:

  • Responsible for smooth functioning of all client visits
  • Responsible for creating and managing individual visit repository (eg: checklist, agenda, de-brief form)
  • Ensure that the client visit report of his/her location is made available to the Client Visit Director/Manager
  • Procurement & Vendor Relations:
  • Help scrutinise prospect(s), select the right vendor, monitor their performance & communicate constantly
  • Liaise with procurement team to have the necessary budgetary approvals from the Finance team in place for all procurements to be done on-behalf of the CVE team
  • Crisis Management.

Billing & Finance:

  • Liaise with the AP team to ensure all the documents needed to execute a payment are as per policy and delivered on time for timely remittances.
  • Address queries raised by Finance/AP
  • Collaborate with the Finance team to map Forecast vs. Provision vs. Actuals
  • Inventory Management
  • Keep records of the inventory, periodically so that adequate no. of all items are available at all the times for smooth functioning of any visit
  • Personal: Strong Communication Skills, Excellent Writing and Comprehension skills; Good Negotiation Skills, Ownership of deliverables;
  • Experience: Proven experience in guest relations across industries (preferably in hospitality organisation).

Secondary Skills

Additional skills include:

  • In depth knowledge of Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel
  • Ability to deal successfully with difficult team issues related to timely delivery of services requested for a client visit.
  • Good analytical skills, with the ability to read large amounts of information in a short time

Preferred competencies:

  • FS Industry knowledge
  • Punctuality
  • Time Management
  • Customer Orientation

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