How To Create a Custom URL On LinkedIn?

How To Create a Custom URL On LinkedIn?
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Creating a custom URL, also known as a vanity URL, for your LinkedIn profile is a straightforward process. Follow these steps to set up a custom LinkedIn URL:

Log In to LinkedIn:

  • Open your web browser and go to the LinkedIn website.
  • Log in to your LinkedIn account using your email address and password.

Access the “Edit public profile & URL” Section:

  • Once logged in, navigate to your profile by clicking on your profile picture or your name at the top of the LinkedIn homepage.
  • On your profile page, look for the “Edit public profile & URL” link on the right-hand side of the page.

Edit Your Custom LinkedIn URL:

  • Under the “Edit public profile & URL” section, you’ll find a box labeled “Edit your custom URL.

Click on the “Edit your custom URL” link.

Enter Your Desired Custom URL:

  • In the box provided, enter the custom name you would like to use in your LinkedIn URL. This can be your name or a variation that is professional and easy to remember.

Check Availability:

  • LinkedIn will check the availability of the custom URL you entered. If your chosen name is already in use, you may need to try different variations until you find one that is unique.

Save Your Custom URL:

Once you’ve entered a unique custom URL, click the “Save” button to confirm your choice.

Share Your Custom LinkedIn URL:

After saving, your LinkedIn profile will be accessible via the custom URL you selected. You can share this URL with others to direct them to your LinkedIn profile.

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