Sr. QA Specialist | PTC | Pune

Software Testing Jobs In India
Software Testing Jobs In India

Position : Sr. QA Specialist

Location : Pune, Maharashtra, India

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Skills/Knowledge :

  • Core Skillset -Must Have Very Good Proficiency in Java and Selenium Web driver
  • Programming Languages – Java
    • Strong knowledge of  OOPS Concept and understanding of Implementation
    • Good Understanding of Classes, Abstract Classes, Interfaces, Methods, Access Modifier, Getters/Setters, Constructors, String Comparison, Static(variable, blocks, methods), File handling, Exception handling.
    • Ability to apply Conditional Statements, Nested if Statement, Else if statement, Logical statements and Various loops.
    • Good understanding of debugging the code by adding correct breakpoints to evaluate the errors.
    • Good understanding of java collection framework.
    • Knowledge of assertions for validating various checkpoints in test.
    • Practical knowledge of coding by following standard practices.
  • Test Automation – Selenium WebDriver
    • Strong knowledge of testing frameworks like Junit, TestNG etc..
    • Good  knowledge of version controlling tools, E.g.  GIT.
    • Ability to use existing automation framework by using provided methods and classes to interact with UI.
    • Good troubleshooting and problem solving skills to resolve issues occurring while creation/maintenance of test.
    • Strong understanding of selenium and various classes, interfaces and methods provided.
    • Strong knowledge on various locators to interact with web elements.
    • Good understanding of waits, window/frame handling, Alert handling, dialog, popup handling.
    • Basic understanding of JS and able to execute it through selenium.
    • Common Exceptions in Selenium and should be able to handle them. 
  • Functional Testing, System Testing, End to End Testing,
  • Rest API Testing Skill will be added advantage.

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Software Testing Jobs In India


  • Test Automation
    • Learn the Automation framework and review pre-existing Integration/API and Selenium  tests written by Developers/QA
    • Get familiar with the Product and Functionality to be Automated
    • Analyse Critical Use Cases / Scenarios identified for Automation to understand the Test Execution Steps and Test Intent.
    • Execute Critical Use Cases / Scenarios to confirm the intended Product Behaviour
    • Write Integration/API or Selenium Tests to Automate the Use Cases / Scenarios, by adhering to the best practices and programming standards followed by the Organization
    • Execute the Automated tests and validate them before submitting the code
    • Analyse failing Automated tests, troubleshoot the problems and fix them
    • Stabilize the Automated Tests and run them in actual Environment
    • Maintain expected Velocity and ensure that the Project Deliveries are done within the set Timelines.
  • Functional and System Testing
    • Analyze requirements to define System Test Strategy and Scope of Testing
    • Create Test Plan and Estimate Efforts for Testing
    • Develop and execute test scripts, validate test results (manual and automated)
    • Define End to End Scenarios depicting customer use cases using Real World Datasets.
    • Continuously seek feedback from Customer Response Team and fill testing gaps
    • Participate in various SCRUM events
    • Identify opportunities to Improve Process Efficiency and Overall Productivity
    • Work with developers to identify and resolve programming inconsistencies and opportunities that impact automated testing
    • Identify, analyse and document defects, questionable functions, errors and inconsistencies in software program functions, outputs, online screens, content and security
    • Follow QA and risk analysis testing procedures to ensure all software is defect-free, adheres to departmental standards and meets customer requirements
    • Follow the company’s software development life cycle (SDLC) and participate in QA reviews, validation of requirements and specification documents.

Education/Experience :

  • Educational Qualification – B.E. / B. Tech in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, IT or similar with First Class
  • Relevant Experience – 3 – 4 Years

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