Software Test Automation Engineer |Pune, Maharashtra, India

Company: Wolters Kluwer
Position: Software Test Automation Engineer
Experience:5-7 years
Work Location -Pune, Maharashtra, India
Software Testing
Software Testing

About the job

Sr. Software Test Automation Engineer (T3)

Position Summary

Wolters Kluwer Financial and Compliance Services (Pune) have a need for a Sr. Software Test Automation Engineer for our Pune Global In-house center (GIC). Broad expectations from this role are as follows:

Technical Experience:

  • Experience and knowledge with Cloud Infrastructure
  • Experience on product testing in Agile environment; should know the various stages of product release & QA support needed
  • Experience on various test techniques and appropriate applicability/implementation
  • Proficient in C#
  • Experience in using UI and API test automation tools & frameworks like Selenium, Protractor, RestSharp, Postman and Jasmine
  • Experience with Selenium is required.
  • Experience on testing APIs and their automation is required.
  • Contribution to design and implementation of framework(s)
  • Implementation of continuous testing as part of CI/CD pipeline (ADO or similar tools)
  • Good communication skills and attitude


  • 5-7 years of total experience in software testing
  • 4-5 years of experience on test automation (UI and API)

Essential Duties And Responsibilities

  • Device test approach/strategy
  • Support lead/architect to create/implement automation framework
  • Analyze requirements (stories) along with the dev implementation & identify test scenarios
  • Write tests based on scenarios identified
  • Identify/create test data
  • Execute the tests in multiple environments as per the plan
  • Exploratory, negative testing
  • Log and track defects, support triage
  • API testing (manual and automated as applicable)
  • Capture test preparation and execution data as needed
  • Write automation scripts using framework/tools like Selenium using C#
  • Execute automation scripts
  • Use of test management & other components of tools like Azure Devops, Jira, Rally as applicable

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