Software QA Manual | Iris Software Inc Noida

Company: Iris Software Inc.
Position: QA Manual
Experience: 3-5 years
Work Location - Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India
Software Testing
Software Testing

About the job


Job Description

  • Develop focused test plans
  • Perform complex test cases and maintain associated test records
  • Participates in agile estimation taking into consideration product and process requirements during the development lifecycle
  • Proactively works with other team members as needed to resolve issues and meet project goals
  • Follows defined engineering process during the development lifecycle
  • Performs peer test reviews to identify improvements to test plans
  • Coordinates his/her own work as well as the work required from others
  • Demonstrates mastery of problem solving skills-test plans seldom require re-work


  • 3-5 years’ experience as a test engineer.
  • Proven experience in test plan design
  • Understanding of the software development lifecycle and the deliverable created during the development lifecycle
  • Strong analytical skills, creative and critical thinking ability and problem solving skills
  • Dedication to customer satisfaction
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Problem solving skills
  • Self-Motivating


  • Use of test management tools similar to JIRA.
  • Proficient in all forms of functional testing across all browsers and devices.
  • Knowledge in SQL.


  • Always up to speed on new technologies and trends in various arenas (e.g., database, server technology).
  • Always assigned to work on subsystems outside area of expertise.
  • Always suggests/drives/markets innovative features (can be through day-to-day projects or Make-a-Hack projects).
  • Regularly presents in or facilitates meetings, both internally and externally.
  • Very good confidence in communicating with others and very good in influencing others.


  • Knowledge/ Experience in programming languages like Java, Python
  • Experience in testing Financial reports.
  • Job Summary

Role Based Competencies

  • QA – Customer Management
  • QA – Test Techniques
  • QA – Design Thinking
  • QA – Attention to detail
  • QA – Test Case Preparation
  • QA – Test Execution
  • QA – Software Development Lifecycle Models
  • QA – Tool Support for Testing
  • QA – Test Management
  • QA – Fundamentals of Testing
  • QA – Business and User Objective Clarity
  • QA – Information flow and Architecture
  • QA – Risk Management
  • Beh – Communication
  • QA – Process Orientation
  • QA – Testing Software Quality Metrics

Mandatory Competencies

  • QA Manual – Manual Testing
  • QA Manual – QA Manual

Good to Have Competencies

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