Full Stack Software Engineer (On-Site) | TACOai | Chicago, IL, USA

Job Title: Full Stack Software Engineer (On-Site)
Company: TACOai
Location: Chicago, IL, USA
Experience: 3 - 5 Years
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As a software engineer with our team, your first task will be helping us push the alpha version of our trading platform to completion, improving speed, robustness, and scalability.

This role will wear a lot of hats and require deep knowledge in some spaces and familiarity / comfort in quickly learning others. Some of the languages and technologies we use include Python, AWS Lambda, DynamoDB, GraphQL, Javascript, and Redis, to name the primary ones.

This role will require you to be comfortable in making technical decisions that can come from not-fully-specified requirements, requiring you to explore further what is needed for a particular feature or component and weigh the best options available for the task.

Tech Stack:

Our current tech stack is a largely “serverless” one, enabled by AWS Amplify, AWS AppSync (GraphQL w/ DynamoDB datasource), and Python AWS Lambdas. These have CI/CD pipelines to dev/prod environments. This combo handles everything except streaming data and order routing, which are currently running in two C# EC2 instances (these are strong candidates for rewrites).


● 3-5 years’ experience writing software
● Professional Python experience is a huge bonus, but experience with one or more of Go, Java, C#, C, C++ (alternatives considered) at least is a necessity
● Familiarity with deploying software to the cloud, emphasis on AWS and IaaC for now. You must be able to deploy your own code in a secure and repeatable fashion.
● Big bonus: Familiarity with options and options trading
● Bonus: Familiarity with GraphQL, DynamoDB, AWS Appsync, AWS Amplify, AWS Lambda
● Bonus: Familiarity with Vue.js and frontend development

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