Capgemini Hiring Azure Sentinel

Job ID: 1455320
Position: Azure Sentinel
Experience: 4 to 6 years
Location: PAN India
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Job Description

  • SIEM monitoring.
  • Monitor incoming alerts
  • Monitor SIEM health
  • Monitor incoming SIEM tickets
  • Alert Investigation & Reporting
  • Provide initial triage for all SIEM alerts
  • Escalate alert to L2 when approrpiate and as indicated by SOP
  • Collect and include any relevant evidence for escalated alerts. This includes investigation steps already done, what was found and any recomendations
  • Inform L2 analysts of any incomplete or missing SOPs
  • Inform L2/L3 analysts of any anomalous or unusual alert behaviour
  • Inform L2/L3 analysts about any usecases which require tuning
  • Prepare and send the shift handover,End User Support,Monitor incoming end user tickets,Resolve end user tickets.

Primary Skills

  • Azure Sentinel
  • SIEM
  • SOC

Secondary Skills

  • Azure GitHub.
  • Azure DevOps.

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