Automation Test Engineer

Automation Test Engineer


  • Automation Testing:
    • Develop and execute automated test scripts using Java, Selenium, and Cucumber.
  • API Testing:
    • Utilize Postman for API testing and WireMock for mock server setups.
  • AWS Integration:
    • Implement tests involving AWS services like DynamoDB, S3, and SQS.
  • Quality Assurance:
    • Ensure high quality and reliability of software through systematic testing and validation.


  • Experience:
    • Proven experience in automation testing with the mentioned tools and technologies.
  • Skills:
    • Strong proficiency in Java programming.
    • Expertise in Selenium for web application testing.
    • Familiarity with Cucumber for BDD-style testing.
    • Experience with Postman for API testing and WireMock for mocking APIs.
    • Knowledge of AWS services (DynamoDB, S3, SQS) and integrating them into testing frameworks.

How To Apply:

If you are passionate about quality assurance and automation testing and meet the qualifications, apply now by sending your resume to

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