Why manual testing is important?

Why manual testing is important?
Why manual testing is important

Manual Testing importance

Manual testing is important because it helps to identify issues that can’t be detected by automated testing, such as:

Usability issues: Manual testing can help evaluate the user experience, discover if the user interface is user-friendly, and identify any confusing elements.

Exploratory testing: This type of manual testing allows testers to take an ad-hoc approach and explore the software to identify issues.

Edge cases and corner scenarios: Automated tests may not cover all scenarios, but manual testing can help identify these edge cases and ensure that the software is functioning correctly in these situations.

Human intuition: Human testers can bring their own unique perspectives and problem-solving skills to the testing process, which can lead to the discovery of unexpected issues.

In summary, manual testing complements automated testing and provides a more comprehensive view of the software’s functionality and quality, leading to a better end product for users.

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